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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Fuzzbuzz?

Fuzzing is a type of software testing that generates & runs millions of tests per day on your code, and is great at finding edge cases & vulnerabilities that developers miss. It's been used to find tens of thousands of critical bugs in open-source software, and is the best way to generate tests that cover a lot of code, without requiring your developers to think of every possibility.

We explain it more on our Fuzzing 101 page.

Why don't you support my language?

Fuzzbuzz currently supports C, C++, Go and Python, but we have a roadmap for rolling out support for new languages. If you would like to fuzz code written in a language we don't currently support, send us an email at

I don't trust you, how do I know my code is secure?

All data is encrypted with SSL/TLS in transit, and isn't stored at rest unless you explicitly upload it via zip file, in which case it is encrypted at rest.

Code is built and fuzzed on isolated single-tenant virtual machines which are deleted when they are no longer in use. These virtual machines are deployed within our VPC which disallows connections from untrusted external sources.

If you would rather your code didn't leave your server, email us at to discuss an on-premises option.

Read more about how we secure your information and code in our Security Policy.

I don't use GitHub, how can I automatically update my code?

Fuzzbuzz provides a CLI that can push your code to Fuzzbuzz for you. This functionality can be integrated into a CI build system. Learn more here.

I'm not sure how best to leverage Fuzzing to test my code. Where can I find help?

You can join our community Slack, chat with us live when you're on the platform, or shoot us an email at

If you're looking for consulting services to help build out your fuzzing strategy, contact us via to discuss your specific use case.