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Tried and Tested Technology

Internally, Fuzzbuzz uses AFL's fuzzing algorithm, which has a proven track record of finding hundreds of critical bugs and vulnerabilities.

Integrates Into Your CI Pipeline

Fuzzbuzz connects with tools like GitHub, and has an open API to allow for integrations with CI solutions such as Jenkins and CircleCI.

Low False Positives

Fuzzbuzz categorizes, deduplicates and estimates the severity of bugs, so you can cut through false positives, and focus on the most important problems first.

Fits Into Your Workflow

Fuzzbuzz can send alerts and create bug reports using tools like GitHub Issues, Slack and Jira, and gets out of your way when there's nothing to report.

Cloud & Local

Fuzzbuzz's platform automates the detection and analysis of bugs in your code. The CLI completes the developer workflow by allowing you to easily debug and test your code for regressions directly on your machine.

Simple Horizontal Scaling

The more tests per second, the better. With Fuzzbuzz, you can distribute your tests over as many dedicated instances as you want, all at the click of a button.

Fix more bugs, faster

Fuzzbuzz makes it simple to fix bugs by giving you information on when the bug was introduced, its potential impact, and how to reproduce it.

Deep insights into your code

Reporting on code coverage, memory usage, and efficiency allows you to quickly pinpoint the parts of your code that need extra attention.

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