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Fuzzbuzz is a platform that continuously tests your code for bugs and vulnerabilities with fuzzing.

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Fuzzing doesn't need to be hard

Fuzzbuzz makes it easy to integrate fuzzing into your DevOps workflow by automating away complex infrastructure management and setup, and connecting with tools like GitHub, Jira and Slack.
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Kill bugs, not time

As easy as writing a unit test

With Fuzzbuzz, writing a fuzz test is as simple as writing a unit test. No more fighting with clunky test harnesses or manual fuzzer configuration.

Simple horizontal scaling

Get the most out of your code by distributing your tests over as many dedicated instances as you want, all at the click of a button.

Simple UI

Fuzzbuzz alerts you when bugs are found, deduplicates and categorizes them to cut out noise and false positives, and allows you to easily analyze them via the web UI.

Powerful developer tools

The CLI allows you to reproduce, debug and fix bugs from your machine, as well as scale and orchestrate your fuzzing jobs from the command line, so it's easy to integrate Fuzzbuzz into your existing CI pipeline.

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