Security that doesn't sleep

Fuzzbuzz is a platform that tests your code 24/7 for security vulnerabilities using fuzz testing

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Deep vulnerability detection with Fuzzing

Fuzzing finds the nasty types of bugs that developers usually miss, and is used to keep huge projects like Firefox, Android, and Node.js stable and secure

Tried & tested technology

We use improved versions of open-source fuzzing algorithms like AFL, that have proven track records of finding critical vulnerabilities.

Setup in minutes

We integrate directly into your devops pipeline by connecting with all the dev tools you love, like Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab

Zero-compromise infrastructure

Lightning-fast fuzzers and fully managed infrastructure means your code is tested millions of times per day, and scaling happens in one click

Learn from everyone's mistakes

The more code our fuzzing engine tests, the more it learns - so you take advantage of every fuzzer running on our platform


Everest Munro-Zeisberger

Everest has built fuzzing tools on Chrome's fuzzing team and Coinbase's security team. He spends his time keeping the servers alive and making the fuzzers go faster.

Andrei Serban

Andrei is a backend developer with experience at Cloudflare and Confluent. At Fuzzbuzz, he spends most of his time writing APIs and rubber duck debugging.

Sabera Hussain

Sabera is a UI/UX designer with 2 years of freelancing experience. She spends her time at Fuzzbuzz turning complex fuzzing concepts into simple UIs.