Fuzz Testing
for Developers

Generate & run millions of inputs against your code. Catch 20+ types of bugs including: memory corruption, denial of service, and race conditions

Fuzz test your code with 3 commands

Download the CLI, run 3 commands and start finding bugs

# Add Fuzzbuzz without modifying your build$ fuzzbuzz build
# Auto-generate a fuzz test$ fuzzbuzz generate MyFunc
# Run fuzz test and find bugs$ fuzzbuzz check FuzzMyFunc

First time hearing about fuzzing?

What is fuzz testing?

Deep-dive into what makes fuzzing the most effective way to find bugs

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Hands-on Tutorial

Learn how fuzz testing works in 10 minutes with our hands-on tutorial

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Find critical bugs, with ease

As soon as you add a test, Fuzzbuzz starts generating and running inputs against your code, searching for critical bugs & vulnerabilities that other testing tools simply cannot find.

  • Bugs found at runtime; no false positives
  • 20+ types of bugs (and adding more)
  • Consistently reproducible bug reports
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Detailed, reproducible bug reports

Get notified of bugs as soon as they're detected. All bug reports are developer-friendly and come with a reproducible test case that you can run in your environment to cut down on wasted time.

Learn more about the Fuzzbuzz workflow Fuzzbuzz Slack alert of bug found
Fuzzbuzz GitHub integration

Fuzzing in your CI/CD pipeline

Fuzzbuzz integrates with your CI/CD pipeline to ensure your latest changes are always tested, and bugs get caught before they reach production.

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See progress in real-time

With millions of inputs being run through your code, it can be hard to know how effective your fuzz tests are. Cut through the noise by tracking your fuzz tests' progress with real-time code coverage reports.

Fuzzbuzz code coverage

Made for Developers

Fuzzbuzz is built from the ground up to be trivial to use and stay out of your way.

Other fuzzers require a deep understanding of your build and hours of configuration.
With Fuzzbuzz, a fuzz test is not much harder to add than a unit test. Learn how

$ fuzzbuzz build

Add Fuzzbuzz to your project without modifying your environment

$ fuzzbuzz generate

Generate fuzz tests for any function in your codebase

$ fuzzbuzz check

Validate your fuzz tests before committing code changes to CI/CD

Supported Languages

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How it Works

The only fuzz testing tool that integrates into the developer workflow at every step: from dev environment to CI/CD


Configure & test locally

The Fuzzbuzz CLI makes it easy (like, 3-steps easy) to configure, generate and validate fuzz tests for any project

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Push up to GitHub (or GitLab)

Once you've added a couple of fuzz tests, simply push your changes up to CI/CD

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Fuzz in CI/CD

The Fuzzbuzz platform hooks into your CI/CD and runs your tests as soon as changes are detected

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Fuzzbuzz is built to support enterprises of all sizes. Capable of being deployed completely on-prem, airgapped, with SOC2 Type II & ISO 27001 certifications to guarantee compliance.

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Getting started with fuzz testing has never been so easy. Learn how it works, download the CLI, find a bug in your code and fix it - all in under 10 minutes.

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Download the CLI

Download the CLI for Linux, Mac or Docker and start adding fuzz tests to your code with 3 simple commands. Let the CLI do all the heavy lifting for you.

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